Conference Venue and Hotel

>>Conference Venue<<

ICME 2020 will be held in the city of Takamatsu, at Takamatsu Symbol Tower, Kagawa International Conference Hall , which serves as the official conference venue for the technical program. The landing ground of the Utaka Ferry Service, Takamatsu was known as the gateway to the very charming Shikoku Island. Sunport Takamatsu, built on the idea of creating a new Tamamo Castle for the 21st Century, centered on Takamatsu Station, has now had its grand opening. The Kagawa International Conference Hall is in the Takamatsu Symbol Tower, the core facility of Sunport Takamatsu. It is a complex that combines the various establishments of Kagawa Prefecture, Takamatsu City and private firms. It will create activities by exhibiting the functions of globalization and informatization.


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>>JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu<<

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu is a 20-storey city hotel located in Sunport Takamatsu. The hotel offers guest rooms commanding a view over the Seto Inland Sea and the city of Takamatsu, and boasts a range of facilities including multi-purpose banquet halls, making it the ideal choice for business, sightseeing or international conferences. JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu has a range of restaurants including Chinese, Western and Japanese to cater to every taste.

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu
E-mail: reservation@jrclement.co.jp
Fax: +81-87-811-1100
Phone: +81-87-811-1155


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  For the special issue, some other accommodations are recommended for its convenience and cheapness. You can find the detailed information at the following links.

   Reference rate and detailed information of accommodations:

   JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu (JP¥10,000 room only/night; JP¥11,650 with breakfast/night)

   Takamatsu Teriminal Hotel (JP¥6,000 room only/night )

   Takamatsu Tokyu Inn (JP¥7,000 room only/night;JP¥8,000 with breakfast/night )

   Hotel Kawaroku Her-Stage (JP¥5,880 with breakfast/night)

   Daiwa Roynet Takamatsu (JP¥8,300 room only/night; JP¥9,300 with breakfast/night)

   Takamatsu Washington Hotel Plaza (JP¥5,610 room only/night; JP¥6,610 with breakfast/night)

   Dormy Inn Takamatsu (JP¥7,600 room only/night )

   Apa Hotel Takamatsu Kawaramachi (JP¥5,000 with breakfast/night)

   Chisan Inn Takamatsu (JP¥7,020 room only/night )